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Please refer to the given Sources and Literature advises which I used in order to complete these paint schemes on the actually main or my Literature pages. Let me thank all members of different communities around the World Wide Web that shares necessary information's and historical relations to get these paint schemes so accurate as possible!



Reichsverteidigung - Defence of the Reich

Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6late during Defence of the Reich till May 1945


Auf dieser Seite präsentiere ich Farbschemen (Skinpacks) für die Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6late Flugzeugmodelle der Simulation, die innerhalb der Reichsverteidigung bis zum Kriegsende im Einsatz waren. 

On this page I will present the collections of my own paint schemes (Skinpacks) for the Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6late series for the public use in the Simulation, which was engaged during the "Reichsverteidigung" till the end of war.




Skinpacks for the Simulation


Alle Skinpacks nutzen neben dem entsprechenden Alpha Kanal auch eine eigene Bump Map in 4k Auflösung, die meiner Ansicht nach den Bemalungen am besten entspricht. Mit dem Download der MOD Datei erhaltet ihr eine neue Bump Map/Normal Map, die über einen MOD Manager (z.B. JSGME) einfach die Skinpacks zusammen mit der neue Bump Map/Normal Map installieren oder deinstallieren könnt!



All Skinpacks used beside the respectivly Alpha Channel also my own version of the Bump Map/Normal Map File in 4k resolution, which suited my paintschemes better than the original one. Downloading the MOD File and using a MOD Manager (like JSGME) you install and deinstall easily the skinfiles and the new Bump Map/Normal Map!


Therefore a safety copy of the original Bump Map/Normal Map is not necessary!



  Mit dem Mauszeiger ruft ihr ein Bild des Schemas in hoher Auflösung auf



  With Mouseover you will see a High resolution picture of the skin



Skinpacks for the Simulation

Bf-109 G6 of III./JG 1 detached to 7./JG 1 in 1943


Picture-Bf-109G6late-EKG (J) Messerschmitt Bf-109-G6/R6 based in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) mid to 1943 

Skinpack for IL2 BOS Series


The III./JG 1 "Oesau" was fighter unit like JG 3 which was ordered to defend the areas of Netherlands and Germany agains USAAF & RAF bomber formations during 1943 and beginning 1944. Like JG 3 many Aces flew with 7th and 8th Staffel. During their missions the was equipt with two underwing mounted 20 mm gun pods nicknaming these planes as "Kanonenboot/Gunboat" Rocketlaunchers was only used by the Fw-190 A Fighters of JG 1.


The planes of 7./JG 1 sported no symbols on their planes, instead the fighter planes had a black Spinner with a small white spiral and white numerals with a small black outline. The MOD package includes eight (8) skins this Echelon, two are historical based on photographs, six are semi historical!




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